Typical Product Photography Mistakes

Those of you specialising in the marketing of luxury products may well question the value of professional photography. You might even consider the option of hiring your own photography equipment and taking shots in a makeshift home studio. Unfortunately you will be at risk of making the types of DIY photography errors outlined in this blog.


Using Vibrant Backgrounds

As an amateur photographer you may appreciate the importance of capturing the interest of potential customers. You might be tempted to use colourful patterned backgrounds, which are absolutely guaranteed to catch the eye. However, it is far more sensible to use white backgrounds as a means of foregrounding the clothing products that you want to sell.


Failing To Focus

It is worth emphasising that people will make judgements depending upon the overall quality of your photography. If the images are out of focus then people will assume that you are lazy and uncaring. Such perceptions will do little for your sales prospects.


Forgetting To Use A Colour Chart

It is important to remember that colours combine in a wide variety of ways. The effects may be quite positive in some instances. However, there is also a chance of potentially unappealing colour clashes. The experts advise the use of colour wheels to ensure the seamless blend of coloured garments.


Casting Shadows

Those of you who buy glossy lifestyle magazines may well have been impressed by the outstanding quality of jewellery photography. You might have wondered how the experts minimise the shadowing effects in these types of images. You may even have experienced difficulty employing the complex techniques recommended by the ‘online experts’. Thankfully it is possible to address this issue with the assistance of the Packshot and Stills team.


Refusing To Enlist Professional Help

It may be tempting to take your own product photographs for reasons of convenience and cost. However, you are urged to consider the multiple benefits of professional photography. The Packshot and Stills team use the best equipment and capture the most outstanding photographs. Give us a call for more information about the benefits of our professional packshot photography services in London.


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