Things to Do Before You Buy Used Camera

Used Camera

When you decide to get deeper in photography world, you understand that you need to be equipped with good camera so that you will perform better for any photography experiences. However, buying new camera could be difficult enough especially relate to the expense you have to pay. Therefore, buying used camera could be the best option for you.

Before you buy a used camera, there are several things you should check to make a deal. First thing you need to confirm must be the price. The only reason why you need used camera because of much lower price offered to you. If not then you should come back to the idea of buying brand new piece. The next, you should check the sensor of the camera. Make sure that the sensor has no scratch or damage because when it happens then you buy nothing but a piece of junk. Then, you should check the amount of the actuations. If the actuations are less than 10,000, you can buy it. However, it the actuations have reached 50,000 or more, you have to think again to buy the camera. Further, make sure that there is not scratch on the lens both the front and the back. Besides, you need to test the focus as well by looking at a paper with text through the lens.

Well, there are some tips you can do before buying used camera, especially DSLR ones. However, it is recommended to ask your professional photographer to help you testing the camera before you buy it. Good luck!

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