The Best Camera for Summer Holidays

Summer is here and that means great days out, amazing holidays and tasty barbecues. Taking lots of pictures of friends and family is a great way to preserve those memories. However, with lots of cameras on the market it can be difficult to know which camera to buy. Here are a few of the best cameras for those summer snaps!

Low Priced – Canon PowerShot A800

The best thing about the Canon PowerShot A800 is that it costs just over £50. For that price you might expect you would get a very basic camera. However, although it will not produce results as good as professional photography, as soon as you pick up the device you realise that you have a very capable piece of technology. The PowerShot A800 possesses a full gamut of features including an optical zoom feature not seen on other cameras at its price point. In addition, the 1/2.3in CCD gives the A800 an effective 10MP sensor and a full array of white balance settings, ensures that this is more than a point and click affair. Viewing and settings are accessed through the 2.5 inch LCD monitor positioned on the rear of the camera. The package is completed by a very robust and chunky case which is designed to facilitate non slip operation and ease of use. It is clear that this camera is aimed squarely at the travel market, as the robust nature of the casing and controls are perfect for the rigours of the road. Chuck it in the bottom of your backpack and take off on an adventure!

Mid Priced – Nikon 1 J2

One of the first things you notice about the the Nikon 1 J2 is its stylish package; über cool titanium white casing and minimalist graphic branding. However, once you use it you will find that it has a supremely versatile mix of features which will appeal to those with an ambition for professional photography. As you would expect, the camera produces full HD motion video as well as 10 MP images. In addition, the device is capable of shooting motion video at 1080p for up to 20 minutes with superb picture quality (and audio which is not ruined by noisy operation.) The J2 features a range of white balance and ISO settings allowing the semi-professional to fine tune the camera for different situations.

Blow the Budget – Leica M9

The Leica M9 is one of the most sought after cameras on the market today and it is easy to see why. The Leica combines effortless retro-styling with useful modern features in a compact produced by one of the world’s most trusted lens makers. Synonymous with street photography, Leica has been king of the compact camera market for the last century.

The M9 features a full frame 18MP sensor and through the lens metering needed for professional photography. Surprisingly, the Leica M9 does not offer autofocus or video modes, preferring not to dilute and compromise the excellent photography capabilities. The large full frame sensor means that images will be packed with detail and free from the digital noise that can plague cheaper cameras up to 400 ISO. A camera for purists maybe, but your holiday snaps will never look better – and you will look cool taking them!

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