Scanning Photo Memories to My Computer

When I was younger, I loved taking pictures. It was a hobby that not a lot of people participated in because we actually had to buy and develop film. We couldn’t simply push a button and delete a photo we didn’t like. We had to pay for every exposure we took, which meant I had thousands upon thousands of pictures. When I was looking at some of them not long ago with my family, I realized that I needed to find a software program that would allow me to scan multiple photos.

I needed to get these scanned on my computer before I completely lost all of them. I don’t mean physically lose them. I just mean that they were already starting to fade, plus the paper that some of them are printed on was starting to get pretty flimsy. There were just too many memories on these photos to lose them. I no longer take pictures like that, but I didn’t want to lose what I did have. I went online that same evening to start looking at different programs. I was happy to find exactly what I was looking for pretty fast.

I had way too many pictures to scan each of them individually. If I had loads of time on my hand, that is how I would have done it. I wanted something that would let me scan several at once, and this software program does just that. There are so many features that are really nice about it too. It would be so time consuming to make sure each picture is perfectly straight, and this program makes sure that you don’t have to do that as it automatically straightens them. When I started using it, it did not take me long to get all of those photos on my computer. Now, I will never lose these memories!

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