Photography Tips for Beginner – The Rule of Thirds

Photography Tips for Beginner

To be a pro in anything, being a newbie or beginner is something impossible to avoid. This is a crucial phase that should be passed. In photography, learning the basic rules for beginner is very essential prior to the gate of the advanced. One of the most basic is the Rule of Thirds (also well known as the Rule of Thumb).

The Rule of Thirds is the application process of how to compose visual image to be proportional. The idea behind the rule is dividing an image into nine parts equally by employing two horizontal and two vertical lines in equal spaces. This will avoid getting the image to be divided into two equal parts by the horizon line which means disproportional for an image result.

To demonstrate this rule, take a photograph of an image first without applying this Rule of Thirds. Just look at the photograph and begin imagining that there are nine equal parts as explained before. If the horizon line is positioned at the horizontal line that divides the lower third of the photograph, the Rule of Thirds has been achieved. If not, just try to make it so by retaking the photograph one more time. Keep trying to capture some different photos by using the basic rule to sharpen the photographic skill.

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