Panning Technique to Capture Moving Object

Panning Technique to Capture Moving Object

Instead of editing the picture by using software, such as Photoshop, capturing moving object by using your camera will give you much more satisfaction. It shows your skill in photography. Besides, the result of the photograph will be more natural rather than using any photo editor software.

To capture a moving object, there are two kinds you can choose. The first is blurred moving object with sharp background. The second one is sharp object with blurred background. Well, now we discuss the basic setting we need for the second option: sharp moving object with blurred background.

The technique we use to capture the picture is called as panning. The basic idea for this panning is how to capture a moving object, for example running animal and racing car, is slowing down the shutter speed of the camera. The ideal shutter speed you can set is 1/30 second or slower depends on how fast the object moves. Confirm how to set the shutter speed on you manual and keep exploring the ideal speed you need for different moving object.

Another important thing to get best result is the panning technique itself. This is about following the moving object you want to capture. Auto focusing could be helpful for the result, but if the camera has no auto focus option you can set it prior to the shoot by paying attention to the distance between the object with you. The key for the panning is how to keep the camera steady during the capturing. If it is needed, using tripod or steady will be helpful for you.

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