Keep Up With the Latest Camera Gear with the New Trade-In Trade-Up Program

It’s a challenge to keep up with technology when it evolves so fast, particularly in the realm of digital cameras. One day, you’re crisply shooting your friend’s crazy skateboarding video with the hottest new item, and the next, it looks like a ‘90s America’s Funniest Home Video clip compared to what the latest cameras produce. And since DSLRs and the like don’t come cheap, it can be a strain on the wallet to keep forking out for the next greatest thing.

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This is where Henry’s can help with their Trade-In Trade-Up program. They will happily take your used equipment in exchange for a store credit that can be used towards the purchase of something else. Really want that slick new Sony piece but wish the price was a little bit lower? Trade in your old equipment and this is a reality – plus you’ll clear out stuff that would just end up accumulating dust in your basement anyway. It’s a win-win.


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As long as your camera is in good working condition, whether it’s film or digital, they’re interested. Now they even accept mobile phones, which can be used against the cost of your activation, giving you a reason to part with that pre-touch screen Blackberry that’s been sitting in a drawer for the last several years, aging like cheap wine.

Check it out here.

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