How to Set Camera for Blurred Background

Blurred Background

You may think that it is interesting to look at a photograph that focuses on an object but the background is blurred. You know, it is actually the basic part of photography skills you can learn of course if you love to capture things using your camera.

There is a specific setting you should learn when you want to capture an object with blurred background. The key for this expected result is setting the aperture mode on your camera. To get started, you can set your camera into Aperture Priority mode. Different types of camera have different dial settings for this aperture priority mode.

By using the dial toward the shutter, you can change the aperture with f-number setting. Take a picture with high f-number first, for example f/20 or little bit lower. Check the result. Next, change the f-number again into smaller number, for example f/10, and take another picture (the same object with the same background if possible). Check the differences between the previous with the latest one. You can see only little difference between them. However, the f/10 setting results more blurred background. Finally, you can change the f-number into lower number up to f/ 1.8, for example, for more blurred background results.

Now, you understand that the lower number you set for the f-number setting, the more blurred the background will be. Keep sharpen your skill by exploring different setting of f-number in different situations.

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