How to Capture an Object from a Moving Vehicle

How to Capture an Object from a Moving Vehicle

When you are travelling, oftentimes you see such beautiful or interesting object to photograph when the vehicle passes the object. It must be great to take a picture of the object from the running vehicle. However, sometimes you experience unexpected result for the picture to be wholly blurred. In this case, you should make sure that you understand the technique you need to employ to capture the moment.

The key technique to take picture from a moving vehicle is by increasing the shutter speed of your camera. Yes, it is almost similar with the technique you need when you are going to capture a moving object. You can set the shutter speed into the faster one. For example, the picture that you capture with shutter speed of 1/1000 second will result clearer image rather than the result with the shutter speed of 1/100. If you can only use the aperture priority, set the aperture priority with the widest mode to increase the shutter speed.

Another important aspect you should remember is your position on the vehicle. If you are the passenger who sits in the front seat, your chance of getting better image will be greater because from the position, you have much time to follow the object. To avoid getting unexpected reflection, you should take the picture as closest as possible to the window. If it is possible, you can open the window to avoid the reflection. Try it and develop your skill by experiencing much more travelling.

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