Get Ready to Shoot Some Great Spring Photos

Spring is coming.  After the gloom and cold temperatures of winter, photographers are anxious to get outside when spring arrives to take some great outdoor shots.  The green of spring can offer some great opportunities for spectacular photos. What better way to inspire ourselves and others with the glory of spring than with the amazing scenes of nature at its best? Here are some tips on how to get that perfect shot this spring.

Spring brings the beauty of flowers like forsythias, tulips, daffodils and flowering trees.  Taking great photos of flowers doesn’t have to be a daunting task if you keep a few simple things in mind.  Bright sun does not usually offer you the best results when shooting flowers as this can cause colours to appear washed out.  Try to get out early in the morning or in the evening when the light is softer.  A tripod and macro lens can be your best friend for this type of photography if you have them.  Many automatic cameras have a flower setting that can save you the hassle of manipulating camera options as a beginner.  Remember the rule of thirds for the best compositions of your flower photos and be creative with the position of the flower in the view finder.  Experiment with the use of flash.  Take a photo with the flash on and then another without the flash to see which one gives you the sharpest colours.  Remember the beauty of a digital camera is you can shoot as many photos as you wish and the more you take the more likely you are to get the one you really love.

Spring showers are also a sure sign of spring.  Raindrops on foliage can offer you great opportunities to move in close with your camera and capture the beauty of water on leaves or flower petals.  Streets and lawns wet and sparkling after a rain shower are also great subjects for spring photos.   Even the first rainbow of the season, if you are lucky enough to see one, offers a great opportunity to get your camera out and have some fun.

Nothing says spring more than youth.  Take your children outside and photograph them in the beauty of fresh foliage.  Dress them in their rain boots and coats and take them outside in rain shower.  Take them to a park and capture them playing in the freshly green grass with the trees beginning to come into leaf in the background.  Scenery shots can be pleasing to the eye, but nothing grounds a shot better than your loved ones interacting with environment.  If you don’t have youngsters, go to a park and take photos of your pet enjoying the spring air.

Start planning your spring photography while the snow is still on the ground.  This will inspire you and help you get through those last cold days of winter. Visit Canon to browse through different digital cameras to get the one that is right for you and get out into the fresh spring air.

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