Essential Acrylic Paint Supplies for Your Studio

plaza4Acrylic painting is easy for beginners to learn, yet offers enough possibilities for advanced artists to create the master works of their dreams. Acrylic painting also doesn’t require a lot of special tools or a lot of complicated techniques. It is an approachable medium that is also budget friendly.

When you are looking for acrylic paint supplies, you can shop conveniently online at places like PlazaArt or you can shop at a local hobby shop. Pick up these and other essential supplies to get the most out of your painting.

Whether you are just getting started with acrylic painting or you want to expand your studio, here are a few essential acrylic paint supplies you should stock for your studio:

Acrylic Paints

The most obvious acrylic paint supplies you’ll need are acrylic paints. You have a lot of options in this category. While there are bargain basement craft paints available, you don’t want to skimp here and choose an inferior product. High-quality, artist-grade acrylic paints like Golden and Liquitex are essential. These paints go on smooth and give you superior results. You won’t have to work as hard to get the effects you want, and you’ll create a professional-looking painting. If you aren’t sure, just try out some other acrylic paints and then these, and you’ll see the difference right away.

You can choose from tubes or bottles for these acrylic paint supplies. The tubes have a bit thicker paint if you want to be able to create textured effects. You can also just thin down the tube paint for other use, making it more versatile.

Gels and Mediums

No matter what kind of acrylic paint you choose, you’ll need acrylic gels and mediums to achieve different effects in your paintings. Gels can help you thicken paints and add texture, while mediums can help you thin paints and increase the drying time. In doing so, you can better blend paints and achieve special effects. Gels and mediums are advanced acrylic paint supplies that you should have in your studio if you are serious about taking your art to the next level.

Paint Brushes

Paint brushes are essential acrylic paint supplies. Unless you plan on finger painting, you’ll need them to create the effects you want and to add fine details. You can use just about any type of brush for acrylic painting, which gives you a variety of budget options. Choose a variety of sizes for large scale and detailing work, then add a few specialty brushes for interesting effects, such as fan brushes.

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