Different Resolutions for Different Purposes

Different Resolutions for Different Purposes

Understanding camera resolution is the basic thing you should learn for any photographic purposes you have. Today’s options of digital camera allow you to set and change the camera setting at any quality you want: best/ high, normal, and web/computer quality images. You can change the quality setting through your camera menu. For this, changing the resolutions is the thing you need to get the quality you need.

Even though most people seem to believe that high resolution photograph is the best options for any photography, you should understand that you still need to adjust the resolution based on your need. For example, you may not need to set the camera with high resolution prior to the capturing when you need to send the photograph through email. For this, web/computer quality image is more preferable rather than the higher ones. On the other hand, when you need to print the image into printed media, you should change the setting into high resolution to avoid getting unclear printed images. It is clear that the purpose of setting the camera resolution to be the highest one is to sharpen the result of the images.

Well, it could be the very basic thing you should learn before you go for next techniques for your best photographs in the future.

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