Canon EOS 1100D/EOS Rebel T3 for Beginner

Canon EOS 1100D/EOS Rebel T3

You may get bored with your compact camera and want to lift your skill in photography. Buying digital SLR camera will surely allow you to experience more in photography. However, do not be in rush to buy the newest DSLR camera because buying an older version could be more adaptive for you.

Canon EOS 1100D, also known as Canon EOS Rebel T3, is an option that you can consider as a beginner. It is offered around $370 to $520 depends on the condition (new or used) and the additional equipment such as lens. This camera allows you to adapt well just after you leave your compact camera. With plastic shell, the camera is light enough so that the beginner will feel comfortable to use it.

With 12 megapixels CMOS sensor, the results of the photograph are acceptable especially for a camera with standard zooming. Besides, 2.7 inches of LCD makes the camera preferred especially for the beginner. In short, the basic idea of using the camera is the features that are common in use for every-day photography. Besides, this one is easy to operate compared with its competitors. Now, you can try to find more information about the camera and, if possible, compare it to some competitors.

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