Basic Tips in Maintaining Your Digital Camera

Basic Tips in Maintaining Your Digital Camera

For you who love photography, the camera you own is the asset you have and even the investment you make. Therefore, maintaining you camera must be basic especially when you have felt the special connection between you and your camera. Well, here is the standard maintenance you need to consider for your digital camera.

First, you should make sure that you camera is free from any dirt and dust after the use. Besides, you should also avoid the contact of liquid or water to your camera except it’s the type of waterproof-cased. By avoiding the camera from those materials, you can minimize any possible damages. Don’t touch the lens of the camera because oil from your skin can bring your camera into permanent damage. Clean it by using microfiber immediately when you find a smudge of fingertips.

Avoid getting contact with the sunlight directly. The sunlight can cause the damage on the image sensor especially if your camera belongs to dSLR. Besides, you should also maintain the temperature to be friendly with the camera. For example, do not leave the camera inside your car on a very hot day. Just bring it wherever you go.

The last, you should also clean the bag. Vacuum your camera bag consistently to avoid any possible scratch cause by the dirt inside. Beside, you need to pay attention to the use of cleaning liquid. Do not drop the liquid directly to your camera. Please use smooth cloth before you clean the camera using the liquid.

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