3 Amazing Facts about Custom Photograph Backdrop

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Custom photography refers to the customized experience of a photo shoot a client is given. The photo shoot can be done in a studio, on a special location or both. It offers an amazing customized photography experience. The photographer works one-on-one with the client as per their requirements. The latest trend in custom photography is the use of custom photograph backdrops. These backdrops come in various varieties. These variations in scenes can range from interiors, exteriors, breathtaking scenes, Christian themes, cityscapes, desert areas, floral scenery and many more. There are some amazing facts about custom photograph backdrops that you must know, such as:

1. Why should we use a custom backdrop?

These backdrops provide a much needed emphasis to the subject of the photograph. The clothing, the face and the body posture should stand out in a portrait. The problem with natural backdrops is that you cannot avoid disturbances at actual locations. People come and unintentionally disturb you. The use of custom backdrops provides you the freedom to shoot as per the mood and comfort of the client.

2. How to avoid the challenges of custom photograph backdrops?

Different types of custom backdrops come with their own challenges. They can be overcome as follows:

Seamless Background Paper

The biggest advantage seamless background paper offers is that you do not have to scrub the paper to clean it.          Once you notice that it has become dirty due to shoe marks or any other thing, you can just cut off the paper from that portion. Another alternative to preserve your seamless background paper is that you can use a plexi-glass sheet. Place it on the paper as a floor surface and you can prevent shoe marks. This paper gives a seamless backdrop from ceiling to floor and shows no signs of edges from wall to floor.

Easy to Clean Vinyl Backdrops

Vinyl backdrops are the easiest to clean             once the dirt starts showing. Sometimes, you might feel that they are very glossy backdrops that add unwanted reflection to your photographs. But, options are available for glare free matte finish backdrops that have a controlled reflection. It is better not to fold them at all to avoid wrinkles. Let them hang loose at the photo shoot studio.

Wrinkle Free Computer Printed Backdrops

Another variety that offers relief from wrinkles is computer printed backdrops. Thousands of themes are available in this variety. You can get them for your customized photo shoot for virtually any theme that comes to your mind. They are perfect for photo booths, themed parties, studio shoots, theater productions and other events.

The Beauty of Muslin Backgrounds

These 100 per cent cotton backdrops provide a unique setting for the photo shoots. They are very lightweight and are easy to carry. But, you might like to iron the backdrop with a steamer to take the wrinkles out before use. However, some photographers prefer the natural look of muslin with wrinkles. Some backdrops like the Photo Pie Custom backdrops provide you the ultimate setting for a perfect photograph.

3. How can you shoot a headshot portrait with a small sized backdrop?

The solution to the above said problem is the use of collapsible backdrops. If you are a photographer, who loves to shoot outside the studio but struggles to find an appropriate background, here is the solution. You can shoot headshot portraits beautifully with them. A collapsible backdrop can be secured to a stand with Velcro straps. You can fold them conveniently into a bag after use.

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